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'Raw Light Express' by @mrjonkane - Issue #7

Mr Jon Kane
Mr Jon Kane
Shining light on favorite finds and the Art of Art to calm the mind! Artists, collectibles, community, occasional deep thoughts. Welcome to issue #7!

This Issue: Karrie Ross - Artist Spotlight, Collectible Project of the Week (FoodMasku!) and Useful NFT Sites!
"Ceylon Mystic" on Known Origin
"Ceylon Mystic" on Known Origin
Karrie Ross - Artist Spotlight
The first time I met Karrie Ross was on Clubhouse early 2021 and she instantly lit up the room! It’s sounds strange to say when you’re in a voice app but some people literally make you smile whether it’s their voice, the way they speak or the way they laugh… and that’s Karrie.
"EGGs in the morning, EGGs at night" by Karrie Ross
"EGGs in the morning, EGGs at night" by Karrie Ross
It was apparent from the start she’s old school but always ahead of her time, telling us about using an Apple Macintosh desktop computer back in the 90’s for her work in book design and publishing, something she still does to this day not to mention a few award winning books of her own. She’s had an impressive career consulting in advertising and marketing alongside numerous awards and exhibitions. A little known fact is that Karrie is a ‘Muse’! Yes technically that makes her a daughter of the Zeuss & Mnemosyne who presides over the art and sciences… but In practice it means she is a facilitator, who knows how to bring out the best in people.
At a spritely 70 something in her distinct sun hat you can just picture her at a Los Angeles Art Fair where she’s based or hopping the beaches. Karrie is an absolute inspiration with not only her drive to learn everything there is to know about the fast moving NFT space but most importantly the amazing work she’s been bringing in from her years of artistic practice.
All round Karrie is a bloody good egg but there’s more to it than that! You’ll soon realize Eggs (always capitalized EGG) play a recurring theme in Karries work, something that began to occur not long after she experienced her first TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) in 2013 and unfortunately there have been a few over the years to follow. The symbol of an egg perhaps representing the fragility of the brain and as she describes in her artist statement, her ‘…art questions the metaphysical aspects of being human, asking “Are you ready to collaborate with nature?”
Or maybe it’s simply the Humpty Dumpty birthday cake she fondly recalled to me from her 5th birthday 😉
“EGGs in the morning, EGGs at night”
Either way her latest collection to launch on Opensea shows the depth of expression in her work. “EGGs in the morning, EGGs at night” begins with 24 x 1/1 artworks created from 2016 while she was experiencing an attack on one of her registered trademarks. Described on the collection… “These Faces example emotions and internal thoughts. They are constructed from the same base template of an egg being caressed by hands. Holding space and balance for all the things happening in life.”
There is a gentle and whimsical lightness in the 12 'morning’ themed pieces and a darker yet energized feeling in the 12 night themed versions which produce a literal inverse as if seeing a glimpse of what might have been behind the struggle to take on the legal battle she eventually won.
Also check out other collections by Karrie Ross… the EGGsly Collection of 100 (shown below) which honestly is the kind of collectibles project more people should be buying. EGGsly is the only collection of purely digital illustrations Karrie has produced specifically for the NFT space.
EGGs Gone Wild are also a brilliantly fun series produced in pen and ink from 2019-20.
EGGsly Collection of 100 : by Karrie Ross
EGGsly Collection of 100 : by Karrie Ross
Collectible Project of the Week!
Delectables Drop on - I bought 2 and wish I could afford more but if your quick you might still get in the remaining 500 at time of writing from this absolutely brilliant collection of 2000 from a true icon and beautiful person in the NFT Space FoodMasku (Antonius Oki Wiriadjaja). The website is also one of the best I’ve seen, simple but totally quirky and fun where you can wiggle your cursor or finger over his face to see the mask dance around and tap/click to shuffle through random variations or the simple popup ‘Copy Receipt’ is all so on brand! When you’ve minted it also plays the most perfectly funny music. I also love that he is donating at 100% sold to support food banks.
Useful NFT Sites - I was thinking only recently how there must be a platform that connect your wallet and shows everything you own in one place with estimates on your net worth of both NFT assets along with crypto and tokens from multiple chains. Well I’ve finally found it! All they need now (and apparently it’s in development) is an iOS app so I can show off the net worth of my JPGs and ‘funny money’ to family and friends 😄 - may be known already to the dedicated collectibles snipers but if you ever wondered how people can see what the rarity of items is before they even reveal on Opensea… this is where they sniff the dirt. It’s not 100% accurate so never spend up large based on the results but on occasion if you get in quick you can use it to find people who have listed at mint price not realizing they’re sitting on a rare!
Till next time... stay raw and keep it light!
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Mr Jon Kane
Mr Jon Kane @mrjonkane

Shining light on favorite finds and the art of Art to calm the mind! Artists, collectibles, community, occasional deep thoughts.

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